Although it is not often discussed, many women have enlarged labia, also called labial hypertrophy. The labia are the most visible part of the vagina and it’s natural to feel sensitive about how they look. Larger labia or labia that are asymmetrical may make you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious while wearing tight clothing or bathing suits. You may also experience discomfort during physical activities such as while working out or during sexual intimacy.

A labiaplasty with Dr. Okasi can help you feel more confident as well as more comfortable by addressing both physical and aesthetic concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is the reduction of the labia minora, the inner portion of the labia, so that it does not hang below the labia majora, the outer portion of the labia. While this condition is benign, it may result in self-consciousness and/or discomfort when you exercise or wear tight-fitting clothes.

What are the different labiaplasty techniques?

There are two techniques used in labiaplasties: the wedge technique and the edge technique.

The wedge technique involves removing a V-shaped “wedge” from both sides of the labia and stitching the edges together. This technique causes the least amount of scar tissue.

Am I a good candidate for labiaplasty?

If you are a healthy female with an excessive amount of tissue (4-5cm) on the labia, you are likely a good candidate for labiaplasty.

How long does a labiaplasty take?

The surgery takes approximately 1 hour and it is an outpatient procedure, meaning you will go home the same day.

What is the recovery process like?

After your labiaplasty, you should expect swelling and bruising in the area for around 2 weeks. You will not be able to exercise or have intercourse for six weeks. Expect spotting for 3-4 days and will need to wear pads. Most patients return to work after 3-4 days. You will have dissolvable stitches, so there is no need to return to have stitches removed.

What kind of anesthesia is used in labiaplasty?

The area will be numbed with local anesthesia and you will be given an oral sedative to calm your nerves before/during the procedure.

What kind of scar will I have?

Due to the location of the incisions, scarring from a labiaplasty is barely noticeable.

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The Labiaplasty procedure is an outpatient procedure that reduces the size of the labia and improves the look and feel of a woman’s most private area. Recent studies have shown that more women in the United States are considering the Vaginal Rejuvenation and our Labiaplasty procedure. In Virginia and Washington DC areas, more and more women are looking into this option to correct and improve the look and feel of their overall physical appearance of their labia.

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